South Park: Reel Chaos

Dark streets at night in South Park. The crime never sleeps and the fear trembles at all sorts of villains. Only the superheroes from the comics can save the city from damnation and disaster! But only if they don’t have to do their homework first…

“South Park: Reel Chaos” by NetEnt refers to two very popular episodes in season 13 of South Park, in which everything revolves around comic superheroes and the guys outfits together to walk over the roofs of South Park at night and protect the city. As soon as the game starts we see the scene where Butters is dressed like his alter ego Professor Chaos and makes impressive speeches until his mother tells him to please go to bed. That’s exactly the humour you’re used to from South Park and NetEnt also relies on it to not disappoint the die-hard South Park fans. After the authentic intro we see the actual slot machine and the background music begins. It’s exactly the same music that was used in each episode, Hut ab NetEnt!

Technical features

Everything about this slot machine is the South Park design that fans know and love. In the background we see South Park and its small houses and now and then we hear the figures with relevant quotations from the series in the background. The symbols on the five reels are of course the guys dressed up as superheroes. Cartman is “The Coon”, Kenny is “Mysterion”, Butters is “Professor Chaos”, Kyle is Human Kite and Stan is “Toolshed”! The slot machine has 20 paylines and the bet already starts at 0,20 €. Courageous players can raise it up to 100 €. The impressive jackpot of 50000 € is definitely worth mentioning! There are also the usual features of this slot machine today, such as an autoplay function and the information bar keeps the player up to date. “South Park: Reel Chaos” has exciting features and great free spins.

bonuses and wins

The strength of the slot machine really lies in the many bonuses the game offers. There are three wild symbols that are active during the main game. Stan’s Free Spin can appear on the reels at any time. Each of the superheroes triggers a different Free Spin. Cartman gives wild symbols, Kenny means multiplier, Stan distributes several free spins with a multiplier bonus and Kyle distributes wild symbols all over the reels. Stan is the most interesting symbol, because during the free spins with the multiplier option, the chances of winning a thousand times the bet increase!

If you win the Mint Berry Crunch free spins and fight the four bonus enemies, you get a line multiplier for every defeated villain and the chance to win the bet 260 times. The Mint Berry Crunch free game is activated when you have three bonus symbols on reels 1,3 and 5.

Not only for South Park fans! “South Park: Reel Chaos” by NetEnt is generous with winnings and bonuses and makes it all the more fun.