The Pai Gow Poker Strategy

Although the Pai Gow Poker is not as challenging as classic poker, you should still have a good strategy so that you can make the most of your chances of winning. Here’s a strategy to help you increase your income at Pai Gow Poker. This strategy is quite simply to play “house style”. Because in terrestrial casinos, the Dealer has very specific requirements that he must apply during the game. So when you play as the Dealer, you can make the most of your winnings. The “house style” method also applies to online Pai Gow Poker. Depending on the casino you visit, the frequency and amount of winnings may vary.

Pai Gow Poker House Style Play

Although the House Style Play strategy is not infallible and does not guarantee 100% winnings, it has proven itself and we encourage you to test it under real conditions at Pai Gow Poker. Below is a table summarizing all the actions you can take depending on the draw, hand and possibilities.


Hands Play your hands at Pai Gow Poker
Highest Hand Place your highest card in your main hand.
Put the second and third highest cards in your secondary hand.
One pair Put the pair in your main hand.
Give the second and third highest cards in the secondary hand.
Two pair In the case of an ace pair, you will always split your pair.
In the case of a pair of 6 or more numbers, split your hand as well.
If you have two pairs of 6 or less, do not split these hands.
If you have any other double pair, split it unless it contains an ace.
Three pairs Systematically place the highest hand in your secondary hands.
Drilling Place the triplet in the main hand unless there are three aces. In the event of a strong triplet, split it up to make a pair in secondary hands.
Street Make the street with your main hand. In the case of a six card street, give your highest card into the secondary hand. In the case of a road with a pair, give the pair in the secondary hand.
Flush Make the flush in your main hand. In a six card flush, place your highest card in the secondary hand. In a single pair flush, place the pair in the secondary hand.
Full Divide the hand unless you have a pair of 2 or King Ace. If that is the case, put the cards in your secondary hand.
Quadfly In the case of a quad from 2 to 6, make that in the main hand.
In the case of a quad from 7 to 10, divide the hand, except pair, numbers or ace can be played.
In the case of a quadruplet from jack to king, divide except there is a 10 pair or stronger pair.
In the case of a quadruplet of aces, divide except there is a 7 pair or stronger pair.
Straight Flush Put the straight flush in your main hand.
If you have a pair of 10s or a pair of aces twice, split them to play them in the secondary hand.
If you have a double pair and an ace, put the double pair in your main hand and the ace in the other.
Royal Straight Flush Make it with your main hand. If you have a pair in your Royal Flush, put it in the secondary hand. If you have a Royal Flush with a double pair, play according to the rule of the double pair.
Five Aces Divide the hand except for a pair of Kings. In this case, put them in the secondary hand.

The advantages of this strategy in Pai Gow Poker

Not all players are convinced of playing according to the type of house. Also the PC in on-line Casinos functions after this principle. If you look at this table, you can predict its next steps. Even if it is very difficult to have an advantage over the casino thanks to this strategy, you can still ensure equal opportunities by claiming the house advantage for yourself. As explained before, this method is not 100% trustworthy, but in many cases it can significantly increase your chances of winning.

Many casinos also distribute a bonus to certain services or free spins available after the first deposit. This bonus allows players to play a few rounds against the dealer without losing their real money deposit. With the bonus you can try different strategies and learn the rules correctly. You can also learn exactly what happens when you get high or low hands. The free spins are mostly for the slots only and the banker is not live in that case. It also wins with the free spins and depending on the conditions you can also pay the winnings.

Kite hand and other secret tricks

However, in some casinos you can play the “Dragon” like any other hand. With the dragon you can win the overhand over the bank. If you have two dragons, you are two steps ahead of the banker. The first advantage is that you can decide whether to stay in the game or fold.

In Pai Gow Poker, a five-card hand is stronger than a two-card hand. There are two different bets you can win with.

Another feature that varies from casino to casino is the croupier. As with Baccarat, the banker charges a 5% commission on the player’s total winnings. So every time you are the croupier, you have an important influence on the game. As a croupier you can benefit from the house advantage: You can win more hands and therefore more money than the others. You need to know that the croupier changes every time, during a game every player has this role once.

How to become a Pai Gow banker?

But to become a banker you have to respect some conditions. You must be the first to play and have enough money to cover all the bets on the table. In other words, you must be able to pay players’ winnings out of your own pocket. But there is another possibility, if luck is on your side. Because some, though few, casinos bet on a second banker. If you are the second banker, then the casino itself pays the winnings of the players and you avoid the risk of losing your money.

At Pai Gow you can’t really talk about strategy or tactics. In general, depending on the statistics, you have a 46% chance of winning, no matter what the conditions. In this game you fight against the one who is strongest, the banker, the players come after.

To shine in this game you have to concentrate on your hand. This is the best strategy. Don’t bet huge amounts if you don’t think your hand is strong enough. Watch your cards closely. This is the only way to succeed in this game.

Some details you should know:

  • The invisible five-card hand must be stronger than the visible hand. Conversely, you lose the money you bet.
  • The hand you were dealt when you rolled the dice. You may not swap your cards.
  • The win is closely related to the card values you have.

After you have received your cards, you must first form your five-card hand. This hand is the most important, without this you cannot continue playing. If you only have one pair, then this five-card hand is your only chance to save yourself.

Imagine that you have the following cards: Ace, King, King, Ten, Seven, Eight, Two.

You have seven cards. The only valid combination you can make is a pair of kings. This means that you at least have the chance to beat the invisible hand. You can’t win anything with the visible hand.

In the example above you can react in two ways. You give up because you know that you cannot win any of the hands. The invisible hand is a pair of kings, the second strongest hand in the game. If the croupier has a pair of aces, you have gambled away. But that’s very unlikely. So you should keep playing.

In 42% of the cases you will get a pair. Stronger combinations are rare. The worst thing would be to have nothing for a longer period of time. Therefore, you should play your pair as soon as you have the opportunity. Remember that Pai Gow is a poker game. So you need to know which combinations are most attractive.